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RoHS Directive
The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive has been passed into law by the European Union (EU).


Interactive Digital Signage 

bullet Deliver dynamic user defined content on demand
bullet No training required; simple and intuitive interface
bullet Eliminate the need for a mouse and keyboard

Interactive digital signage enables marketers to precisely target the most appropriate demographic and obtain instant feedback on a product or service.  A touch screen allows users to be presented with promotional offers and content based on specific inputs.  Interactive media provides cross-selling opportunities while providing a measurement tool to gauge the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

Digital Signage Solutions:

Touch Overlays - retrofit an existing display or touch enable a monitor of your choice, we have sizes to fit most major manufacturers.

OEM Sensors - building your own enclosure or kiosk? Our OEM sensors are designed to be integrated into a custom enclosures.  We can accommodate custom sizes from 26" to 47"  to fit most any application.

Large Surface Touch Kit - Create a large interactive display from almost any large surface.  Touch enable the newest, 100" plasmas or a wall using projection displays.

Window Touch Screens - Turn most any shop window in to an interactive display using a rear projection display or LCD.  The electronics and sensor are placed securely inside.

POP - Create an attention grabbing display easily and inexpensively using our rear projection POP interactive displays.  Use your own projector, media player and content.

Touch Monitors - Hang and bang, these monitors are an all in one solution with display, touch screen and optional computer.  With power and internet connection you are up and running.

Management and Content Scheduler - Remotely manage, update and monitor your content via web interface.  We have an ASP version or if you want, use your own server.



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