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RoHS Directive
The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive has been passed into law by the European Union (EU).


Command and Control Centers 

bullet Simple interface for accessing complex information
bullet Allows quick manipulation of layered data
bullet Analyze and distribute information easily
Defense and Intelligence

Defense and Intelligence communities use high-resolution GIS data to provide a complete situational overview when evaluating options for tactical operations. This often includes a large number of data layers for satellite, terrain, 3/D overlays, analysis results and population information. A common problem when dealing with this amount of data is seeing the overall picture. Conventional displays are too small and limit the number of individuals that can access the data. This becomes a large problem when accurate group decisions are required.

NextWindow touch overlays allow Defense and Intelligence communities to increase group comprehension and help decision making through better visualization and data management.

The NextWindow large display surface, simple interface and collaborative networking abilities create greater efficiency by placing data within reach. NextWindow�s real-time visualization abilities promote accuracy during strategic planning, by giving analysts a direct link to the field.

NextWindow displays not only allow large groups to interact in a collaborative environment, but also provide a means to see and use information in new ways.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security has taken on the enormous task of unifying and analyzing information from the large network of organizations and institutions involved in national security. GIS software is used to combine this data because of its ability to easily display the information and because of its extensive analysis capabilities.

Using a NextWindow increases the speed of analysis by providing a system that facilitates the decision making process. Analysts can explore spatial data by modeling scenarios and can then either collaborate with teammates or distribute their decisions to the field.

NextWindow�s seamless integration with GIS software makes data integration and analysis easy, and synchronous networking abilities allow remote groups of analysts to work in the same virtual space. This sharing of visualized data creates an environment where information can be discussed by experts regardless of location. The results can quickly be dispersed into the field ensuring an accurate understanding of the situation.

Public Safety

Public Safety relies on successful integration of new technologies in order to make the response time improvements demanded by emergency services management. Real-time monitoring of responders and assets requires quickly combining information from multiple sources, analyzing and then relaying this information to crews in the field.

NextWindow accomplishes this by delivering a complete view of incident management information from any location. The mobile nature of the TT45 means that responders can share information on the ground and also visualize information directly from communication center personnel. This improves the ability to better prepare, respond and recover from both local and larger incidents.

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