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RoHS Directive
The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive has been passed into law by the European Union (EU).

Interactive Whiteboard for Plasmas and LCDs 

bullet Annotate directly on top of your plasma or LCD display
bullet Use your finger to draw, select or navigate
bullet Simple 'plug-and-play' set up and operation

Deliver your presentations more professionally by seamlessly integrating computer applications and multimedia sources with ease. The touch screen provides full mouse functionality (including right mouse clicks) without the requirement for a dedicated stylus -- you need only touch the display to control any computer application.

Emphasize key information by annotating and highlighting using only your finger, or any pointing device. And, if you make a mistake, use the virtual eraser, or the undo feature, to start over again. Interactive whiteboards, are not only more versatile, dynamic and engaging, the notes you make on screen can be saved and then emailed to everyone after the meeting.

Collaboration Solutions:

Touch Overlays - retrofit an existing display or touch enable a monitor of your choice, we have sizes to fit most major manufacturers.

Large Surface Touch Kit - Create a large interactive display from almost any large surface.  Touch enable the newest, 100" plasmas or a wall using projection displays.

Annotation Software - Combine a touch overlay with most any annotation software and turn your large display into an interactive whiteboard. Using an intuitive touch interface, Luidia annotation software eliminates the need for proprietary pens and software.  

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